Leading Chinese Marble Processor Rolls Out MARMOCER 2.0






Leading Chinese Marble Processor Rolls Out MARMOCER 2.0, A Product Lineup and Smart Supply Chain That is Expected to Transform the Industry

XIAMEN, China, June 8, 2017 — On the afternoon of June 3, MARMOCER held a product conference in Xiamen, China where the marble maker presented home decor buyers worldwide with an end-to-end solution for marble production and distribution that brings together a new product lineup, a smart supply chain, flexible production and intelligent retail. A number of revolutionary technologies, product designs and apps launched at the event have already made an impact in and outside the industry. “Making the next step on a trajectory that is transforming the industry, these exhibits not only signal the changes that are taking place at MARMOCER, but are also expected to lead to changes across the competitive landscape in the marble home decor market,” said industry insiders.

Xin Dong Yuan Group chairman Yang Jiaqiang, Xin Dong Yuan Group president and MARMOCER chairman Yang Jialiang, MARMOCER general manager Han Xiaosong, Jintang prize sponsor Xie Haitao, W+S GROUP founder Wu Bin as well as more than 500 partners, designers and media representatives from all across China came together, to witness the transformative upgrade taking place at MARMOCER.

In pursuit of perfection: The recreation of exquisite marbles

“Product is competitiveness, and product is hard power.” After a decade of efforts, MARMOCER broke through international technical barriers, and obtained a number of process and invention patents. The marble producer has successfully led exquisite marbles into the 2.0 era, setting new industry standards and reaching new levels in terms of technical expertise. The development of MARMOCER’s 2.0 product system showcases the maturity in the range of exquisite marble products, not only for itself but for the entire industry.

Most notably, the company’s disruptive innovations in its floor products are being recognized for redefining exquisite marbles. As a leader in composite stones, MARMOCER is defining the structure of its next generation MARMOCER 2.0 as a combination of 5MM natural marbles and 6MM premium tiles based on the optimal 1:1 proportion. The new products combine the advantages of natural stones and tiles, eliminate the earlier disadvantages and improve their overall performance, providing shoppers with a superior experience when they decorate their homes with MARMOCER marbles.

When compared to the earlier 1.0 products, the 2.0 full-performance floor products deliver revolutionary changes in terms of appearance, features and performance, including a more stable structure, highlighted natural texture, reduced weight and improved deformability for different shapes as well as enhanced abrasive resistance, durability, thermal conductivity, flatness and adaptation to underfloor heating systems.

Xin Dong Yuan Group president and MARMOCER Chairman Yang Jialiang

MARMOCER 2.0 full-performance floor products address increasing demand for decorative products in residential and public spaces, secondary fabrication processing for decorative uses, when special shapes are needed, as well as complement the installation of environmentally responsible underfloor heating systems that increase the comfort of the living space. MARMOCER 2.0 is believed to be the most technologically advanced composite stone product lineup available worldwide today. The tests that were performed comparing the new lineup to traditional marbles and ceramic tiles validated MARMOCER 2.0’s stronger features and performance.

The release of the 2.0 floor product series marks the formal formation of the MARMOCER 2.0 product system, which consists of complete wall and floor systems. The wall system includes handsome-looking MARMOCER panels and MARMOCER stone border 2.0, already being touted by some as “the fighter aircraft of stone borders”, while the floor system includes the compact and eye-pleasing MARMOCER SMART Magic Cube and full-performance floor products.

For more information about next generation MARMOCER 2.0, please click to watch the following video: https://v.qq.com/x/page/j0510ideofd.html.

Showing our Sincerity: Embracing the market and getting closer to buyers

In addition to delivering improved products with the launch of MARMOCER 2.0, the company has also reshaped its production, manufacturing and supply systems. The new portfolio that includes a dynamic supply chain, flexible production and improved capabilities in response to customer demand received positive feedback from attendees at the event and served to help the company consolidate its leading position and level of competitiveness in the market. At the launch event, MARMOCER showcased seven popular marble materials, including Crema Ultraman, Aran White and Shabnam, as well as the new Design Series that reflect the company’s evolution by combining advanced technologies with aesthetics, with the aim of addressing changing buyer preferences. The 2017 Design Series includes six MARMOCER rare stones, which overcome some of the drawbacks of traditional rare stones, including chipping and breakage, frangibility, difficulties encountered in the cutting process and the high cost. The new Design Series will inspire designers and deliver an amazing space experience to homeowners.

For more information about the new MARMOCER Design Series, please click to watch the following video: https://v.qq.com/x/page/i0510g8zi2d.html.

Refined: Bringing your love for things Oriental into your home with the support of internationally acclaimed home interior designer Ben Wu

MARMOCER also announced the modern Oriental-themed 2.0 product concept, with a focus on the products aesthetics, and named Ben Wu, founder of W+S Group and a leading international designer, as its global product aesthetics consultant. MARMOCER and Ben will work together closely in product design, space design and the popularization of the Oriental aesthetics.

Ben Wu (leftside)

“As MARMOCER enters the international medium- and high-end home decoration market at an accelerated pace, we aim to take the lead in terms of modern and international aesthetics in the home as well in the popularization of home decors with an Oriental theme. As a leader in the high end of marble processing and refining, we and Ben Wu, a leader in modern Oriental design systems, share the vision, which is the cornerstone of our partnership,” said MARMOCER chairman Yang Jialiang at the event. Mr. Wu added, “A good space design starts with the design of the product, while, in addition to the functionalities, a good product design also should express the brand’s spirit, attitude and proposition as well as the essence of an era. The shared values facilitate our partnership.”

One of the highlights at the event was the release of iStone 2.0, an updated practical design application for end users. The application, a part of MARMOCER’s smart retail system, helps minimize the costs associated with the buyer’s decision-making process while delivering a more convenient, interactive and buyer-driven shopping experience. MARMOCER also announced that the company had been selected again as the global strategic partner of the Jintang Prize, the largest professional award for the interior design industry. MARMOCER will continue to support the growth of the Chinese design industry.

For more information about MARMOCER’s development history and achievements, please click to watch the following video: https://v.qq.com/x/page/t0510r3c6k6.html.

For inquiries about partnerships, please contact: info@marmocer.com.

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